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Look at some of our facts:

  • #1 for single keyword set on Yahoo, AOL and Google that gets close to 100,000 searches a month.
  • #1 for keywords on Yahoo, AOL, and Google that list over 2.1 million competitor pages.
  • #1 listings on Yahoo, AOL, Google for keywords worth over $300,000 per month in searches and clicks.
  • Valley Solutions, Inc. markets dozens of sites that receive a combined traffic total of about 250,000 visitors a month.
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization is a process or modifying a web pages content and design to increase the pages rank in the search engine.

What are the benefits of Optimization?
The largest benefits of optimization is an increase in relative web site visitors. These visitors then turn into more leads and sales.

Another benefit is it's cost when compared to other web marketing options. For example a paid listing on Overture for the keywords "business software" runs $7.00 per click. Ouch! Even to rank at a mere 20 you are paying $1.25 a click.

Search engine optimization makes it so your page will appear in non-pay per click search engines such as Yahoo, AOL and Google. These listings while still worth $1.00 a click but you don't pay by the click. You pay a flat monthly fee based on rank and a keyword difficulty ranking.
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Wrecker.net Purchased
- January 7, 2009
Wrecker.net has been purchased and added to our numerous towing websites including Towing.com and RoadsideService.com. [ More ]

Direct Express Chooses Us For SEO
- February 6, 2008
Direct Express Auto Transport has chosen Valley Solutions, Inc. to complete a search engine optimization campaign in the auto transport industry. [ More ]

Roadside Service.com Purchased
- December 19, 2007
We are dedicated to bringing towing companies and the customers who need their services together. To make sure this happends we've added Roadside Service.com to our towing related sites. More to come.

Towing.com (.net) Purchased
- July 12, 2007
Valley Solutions, Inc. has purchased Towing.com and Towing.net and is ready to position ourselves as the most important location on the Internet to find towing services and related products and services.
- More Information
- Towing.com

DASH's Auto Shippers Official Site
- May 1, 2007
Valley Solutions has completed a new web site for DASH Auto.

Auto Towing Sites Launched
- January 15, 2007
Valley Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of three new directory sites serving the auto towing industry.
- More Information
- Info for Towing Companies

Vehicle Transport
- July 7, 2006
Vehicle Transport.com is now live and free quotes are available. Work on this an previously launched sites will continue. Future sites will include MotorcycleTransporters.com.
- Vehicle Transport.com
- Info For Transporters

DASH Auto Movers
- April. 20, 2006
Valley Solutions has completed a new web site for DASH Auto.

Auto Transporter
- April 19, 2006
We've started launching our newest multiple free auto transport quote system. The system will include sites on popular domains like AutoTransporter.com and VehicleTransport.com.
- Auto Transporter.com
- Info For Transporters

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